Cryptocurrency in Malaysia and the Rise of Social Betting with 2UP

Unravelling the Future: Cryptocurrency in Malaysia and the Birth of Social Betting 2UP

During the recent years, Malaysia saw an increase in both interest and usage of cryptocurrencies with a growing appetite to get involved financially in these assets that has indeed transformed the market landscape. More and more Malaysians are now using digital money in their daily expenditure, which shows a great sign of welcome and acknowledgment towards this technology advancement. As a moving world heading towards digital economy, the population of Malaysia is no doubt a part of that foreseeable and hopeful change.

Evolution in Fintech: Cryptocurrency

The term cryptocurrency is used to refer to a form of digital or virtual currency that works in the absence of central banks and government regulation yielding decentralization, transparency, security. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are the Top 3 cryptocurrencies that have been prevalent not only due to their unique features but also due to the fact that they are the pioneers in crypto world. The adoption of cryptocurrency has progressed in Malaysia partly due to the factors that provide better access for people towards digital assets, increased interest from investors and improving merchant acceptance.

The Regulatory Landscape

Whilst the Malaysian government has yet to release any concrete regulations that are meant for cryptocurrencies, they have been amassing greater recognition of its capabilities and possible influence on the economy. The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has moved to regulate digital asset exchanges and initial coin offerings (ICOs) to improve market transparency, investor protection, and ensuring strict compliance with the laws of Malaysia. Lastly, some regulations such Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) on Cryptocurrency 9 Feb 2018 has release guidelines for all company that involves cryptocurrency to prevent any money laundering and terrorism financing.

The Rise of Social Betting

In this changing financial landscape, we see more and more first movers which offer the best of both worlds; The thrill and excitement of betting combined with the convenience and security of digital currencies. One such innovative platform is 2UP. 2UP allows users to bet socially and provides a platform where friends can place bets on tons of sports events but also esports tournaments or virtual games using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Why Choose 2UP for Social Betting?

  1. Innovative Platform: 2UP offers an easy-to-use platform with a cutting-edge functionality that improves the level of fun and enjoyability experienced while taking part social betting in order to provide users at all levels a seamless experience.
  2. Security and Transparency: 2UP has a transparent and safe blockchain technology, providing users with peace of mind for use in the process of connecting to cryptocurrencies.
  3. Variety of Events: Whether you choose to bet on football games or esports tournaments, 2UP has something for everyone.
  4. Community engagement: Being part of the 2UP community means you can interact with other like-minded users, share tips and wins together, making it a fun social betting experience.

Join the Revolution

While the bulk of Malaysia edges into the digital era and cryptography starts fuelling frenzy, 2UP appears at the front-line, restructuring online betting and social networking. 2UP is the perfect place for both expert bettors as well as newcomers to the world Crypto Currency Games, 2UP will provide an unparalleled experience of unleashing your betting capabilities in hopes of some greater rewards.

Become part of the future for social betting in Malaysia, join us at 2UP today!